Praise forBook Cover and Author
Yoga Romance of Damayanti and Nala

“Peter Sklivas, in “The Secret of Enduring Love,” reveals the inner meaning of romantic love between Nala and Damayanti. The Vedic Goddesses & Gods have incarnated anew here in this 21st century novel. Princess Damayanti is the embodiment of the divine feminine who creates a stir within us to awaken to the secret of love in this critical time. I am deeply touched by the way he brings this ancient parable into practical living reality for anyone seeking the meaning of enduring love.”  -YOGI AMRIT DESAI, Creator: Amrit Yoga & Founder: Kripalu Yoga Center

“In Sklivas’ debut novel, the complexities of love are explored against a backdrop of spiritual and mythological lore. Beautiful and adored Princess Damayanti has reached the age when it’s time to wed, triggering much speculation in her mythical kingdom. But what she longs for is an enduring, conquering love, one that may not please her royal parents or the kingdom. Defiant, passionate and determined, she sets off on a journey to find enduring love, led by
the Great Swan, whose lifelong mating rituals Damayanti envies. The Great Swan instructs Damayanti in meditation and yoga, guiding her toward a deeper understanding of herself and the universe. Filling her mind with ancient wisdom, the Great Swan serves as Damayanti’s
spiritual guide, reminding her that the best way to find love is to “be the love you wanted
to receive in the world.” Armed with the wisdom from Goddess Shakti and other gods,
Damayanti grows spiritually. But even when she is thought ready to accept true love,
Damayanti still has many obstacles—some even life-threatening—to overcome before she
can be with Prince Nala, her soul mate. As she perseveres and proves herself prepared and
eager for love, Kala, the god of time, notices Damayanti and falls desperately in love with
her. Determined to come between Damayanti and Nala, Kala uses his powers to try to ruin
Nala, leading Damayanti’s quest toward new dangers. Combining ancient mythology,
classic tropes and a modern feel, Damayanti’s adventure is one that is timeless and
memorable. The unpredictable twists of Damayanti’s journey keep the story well-paced
and compelling, calling to mind favorite fairy tales and fables. Sklivas’ prose conveys an
otherworldliness that helps this novel stand out as an epic journey. Damayanti’s growth, as
she works to find romance, makes her a sympathetic, self-actualized character. An original and well-written tale about achieving true love.”  –KIRKUS REVIEWS